Environmental Modeling & Assessment

Existing and new  projects requiring environmental impact or risk assessments, evaluation of the behaviour, fate and ecotoxicological impacts of wastes and wastewaters in receiving water environments, water quality and biological impact assessment, environmental management and monitoring plans, and environmental troubleshooting are the mainstream of the firm’s consulting practice.

AK Consultancy environmental services;

  • Screening and scoping support and advice.
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (EIA) capability and expertise.
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) capability and expertise.
  • Annual Environmental Report (AER) for industries and firms that require a periodic environmental assessment of their operations.
  • Annual Environmental Report,
  • Preliminary Environmental Report,
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) – Preliminary risk assessments for EIS scoping and formal risk assessments for hazard identification, and dose-response and exposure assessments.
  • Environmental modeling for Air, Water and soil,
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP),
  • Environmental Monitoring Studies (EMS),
  • Environmental Sensitivity Analysis (ESA),
  • Hydrology & Water Resource Assessment.

We also rent out our US-EPA approved environmental monitoring equipment for Air quality and Noise monitoring.

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